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All the measures we adopt serve the purpose to attract more (im)migant and other youth of foreign background into sports as well as define the best practices to facilitate, support and aid in the social inclusion, integration and equal opportunities in education.




Programme for the promotion of employability in sports organisations

Sports programme for the promotion of physical well-being

Sports programme in the field of education and training


  • Kick-off meeting: first of all, we meet, share and discuss how to pursue our goals!
  • Cross-sectoral international Seminar: in Sofia (Bulgaria) we will present the results of a study that will model the roles of stakeholders and show the grassroots stakeholders who can and should provide sports related services for YIB so that they get integrated better to European society and labour market more efficiently;
  • Project’s final meeting: to review results and work for improvement.


Sports programme for the promotion of physical well-being:

  • ERASMUS + Fun Run: 3-10k low threshold running/walking event organized in all different collaborating countries, with local sports institutions, sports clubs and local celebrities involved;
  • Networking sports café, in which youth gather to practice sports or social activities together and then they get together to share experiences, exchange knowledge and expand networks;
  • Night-time basketball tournament “Yökoris”, played 3 vs 3 street basketball with the aim to provide alternative activities in the evening for YIB’s;
  • Video about dressing for sports: do you know how to dress especially for outdoor sports during wintertime when temperatures are below zero?
  • Sports equipment library in which used sports equipment can be borrowed, making further easier to be involved in sports activities and create low-threshold activities, encourages recycling and sustainability.


Sports programme in the field of education and training:

  • Dual Career workshops: local workshops to combine education and sports, using Networking Sports Café;
  • Intercultural competence training seminar for coaches and physical education teachers;
  • Sporting group in which YIB can learn national language, working skills and attitudes through sports.


Programme for the promotion of employability in sports organisations:

  • Sports recruitment workshops and seminars to promote employability through entrepreneurial sports relates events;
  • Employment trial for YIB involves recruitment of migrants into sports organisations and other organisations as volunteers, coaches or interns with the help of project funding in each partner country;
  • Sports and well-being related pop-up start-up challenge for YIB will create one local start-up creation event in three partner countries.


Moving schools: a tool to promote dissemination of moving schools to partner countries, vocational colleges and high schools;
• Peer instructor training for YIB’s to become peer instructors in the sporting groups.

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