YIBinS project joins UCAM in celebrating #FunRun

Jan 15, 2020News

A high number of athletes attended the Fun Run celebrated at the University campus of the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM, Spain) 16th November 2019, “The University of Sports”.

The event was celebrated in UCAM Cartagena campus, strategically located in Murcia (Spain), is an attractive reference for the entire area. It has new and extensive facilities in the areas of education, research, culture, sports and internationalization. This sport event was organized by the Faculty of Sport and the UCAM Sports Activities Service, with the collaboration of the Department of Sports, the Athletics Federation of the Region, among others. Different sports events were organized: Fun Run for different categories. Traditional and sports games activities. For example: table tennis, bandana, jumping race, sprint (10×10), ping pong, chair game, rope pull, FutVolley, catch the flag, 3×3 basket, basketball shooting contest, game of aim, sports quiz (Quiz), among others. For this reason, more than 800 athletes have participated in all of these activities.

UCAM, the Catholic University San Antonio in Murcia promotes sports and physical activity since its foundation. From the Sports Activities Service it provides to their students the opportunity to practice their sport or modality at all levels, organize internal Championships (Opening Trophy and President Trophy), to the sponsorship of professional teams and to the participation in the Spanish University Competition. From 2003-2004, UCAM has occupied podium positions in the Spanish University Competition being hailed Champion in 2003-2004 and last years, 2011-2012 with 46 medals and 2012-13 with 76 medals (50 golds) beating all the medals records, this record has been increased year by year by UCAM, reaching 141 medals (86 gold) in the last competition. There are more than 2000 athletes competing for UCAM. Much of UCAM’s success is due to commitment with innovation and reinforced by the fact that UCAM is pioneers in Spain in the implementation of a study system that makes it possible for high-level athletes to conciliate sports activities with academic formation. With more than 24 Olympic and Paralympic athletes in Athens, Beijing and London, UCAM’s sports system is determinant to world-class athletes to choose this university to complete their training. The medalists Mireia Belmonte (swimming) and David Cal (canoeing) give UCAM 7 Olympic medals.

UCAM offers Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, among others. The Bachelor Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science offers to the student the possibility to continue studying the program in one of our partner universities. The student can select his best choice into a large number of the partner universities in different regions around Europe.