Sport, stakeholders and inclusion for youth with migrant background: support YIBinS research

Apr 10, 2020News

Sport activities are an important tool to achieve integration and social inclusion for youth with an immigrant background. The project has the goal to create activities for the youth to live in an inclusive society and also to explore a new opportunity for employment in their future.   To reach this goal YIBinSport wants to involve different stakeholders.

The first group is the Municipal Sports Services. Cities are always active to involve citizens to take part in grassroot sport activities. Running races, football or basketball games or swimming races can be important social engagements for the citizens or the guests of the city. Participation of youth with migrant background could ease the social inclusion and the integration of these youth.

The second group of stakeholders are the educational organizations. Public education, since many years, is very aware of the need of the placement of sports activities in the school curriculum. Also, private educational organizations and universities often provide sport activities for their pupils. In this case the participation of youth with an immigrant background can be consequential either as students or as professional staff (i.e. facilitators, mediators, etc.). The lack of facilities, since the main goal of these organizations is not sport, can be solved creating synergies with different stakeholders.

Another important group is the sport organizations. These have often youth with an immigrant background as members but they also may invest hiring more professional staff to have even more young people with immigrant background as members or creating new synergies with municipal sport services or educational organizations.

The last group of stakeholders is the organizations that have as most important goal the care and the aid to youth with an immigrant background. These organizations openly promote integration and social inclusion: adding sport activities to their practices can have a tantamount importance for their users.

YIBinS created four questionnaires for these stakeholders with two goals: to investigate about the existence of synergies between the stakeholders and promote the creation of new relations to increase the social inclusion and the integration of youth with an immigrant background.

Do you think you are one of the stakeholders we are looking for? Clicking on the following links you may answer the questionnaire and help us to achieve our goals.