Sport Equipment Libraries in Vantaa (Finland)

Mar 22, 2020News

First sport equipment library was organized on the winter holiday week on Tuesday 18th of February 2020 in Hakunila Sport Park by coordinator of YIB-project Vantaa City Sport Services. Co-operation sport clubs was Korson Kaiku, Vantaan Hiihtoseura and Sporttia kaikille. The second equipment library was organized on the winter holiday week on Thursday 20th of February 2020 in Tikkurila Ice rink co-operation with Tikkurilan taitoluisteluklubi (figure skating club) and Sporttia kaikille.

Equipment libraries were started to plan on November 2019 by recruiting possible co-operation Sport Clubs. The sports skiing, skating, walking with snow shoes and mountain biking were selected because immigrants wished these experiments for example during school visits which were implemented earlier. In co-operation with the sport clubs and educational institutions there was decided to hold two different events in the winter holiday week. There wasn´t that much snow during the whole winter so decided to add free fitness classes in Hakunila as a back-up plan. Information and marketing the events were manage by webpages and Facebook of the Sport clubs and Vantaa Sport Services. Also, few school visits were made.

The events were open for all and there were served warm drink for every participant. In total, there was around 100 people for borrowing skis, 50 people on mountain bikes and seven persons on fitness classes. Walking with snow shoes wasn´t organized because of the missing snow. The second equipment library was indoor Tikkurila Ice rink. There were about 30 pair of skates to borrow and these were enough as some of the people had their own skates and they came in different times. In total there were around 100 skaters during the event day.

The events went well, sport brought stakeholders together and there was created a concept that moved about 250 people. People were very satisfied, they got experiences from different sports and some of them wanted to do sport more often, they were guided to the activity of the Vantaa Sport service and the activity of the Events’ stakeholders.