Increase employability in sports science through inclusion (UCAM)

Apr 7, 2021News

The European project YIBinS improves the social integration of migrants through the use of sports practices

Murcia, 22/10/2020

The UCAM School of Sports hosted a new training event under the European project Yibins, co-financed by the European Commission and framed in the Erasmus + Sport call. On this occasion, four students, belonging to the Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science, had the opportunity to use their competencies and values, obtained to promote social inclusion links in the university community and have a differential training. Thanks to the project, the students completed a two-week learning period at the UCAM Sport Center. In it, they had the support and necessary supervision, by the researchers and the figure of the sports mentor, to be able to carry out the different selected tasks, in order to obtain skills in the area of ​​social integration in sports practices.

This is the last training activity carried out to date by Yibins, a European project started last January 2019. Which has developed activities for social inclusion, employability and training for migrants, through sport, in the five partner countries: Bulgaria, Finland, Italy, Spain and Sweden.

On the part of UCAM, several actions have been carried out during this period of almost 2 years. In November 2019, UCAM led a sports activity called Fun Run, which included races for different categories, traditional game activities and sports. Another activity, led by this partner, was the workshop on Dual Race taught by two experts on the subject: Dr Antonio Sánchez Pato (Dean of the School of Sports and Principal Investigator of this research project), and Dr Juan Alfonso Garcia Roca.

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