Adrenalin kicks in before taking speed for the jump. And that is the best thing in death diving aka Døds.

Mar 10, 2021News

Death diving is fierce sport.

Sildam runs to the edge of jumping deck, jumps, spins and takes the final landing position just before hitting the water. Taking the right position is important otherwise landing would be even more painful. And he knows how that feels. Death diving is extreme sport, and extreme is what excites this young man. He has also been doing freestyle sking and biking.

Sildam is 17-years old and he is studying at Vantaa Careeria vocational school. Few months ago, he made brave jump to working life when he took opportunity to work at Vantaa sport services through YIBinSport project. “Internship has been versatile. I’ve been working at swimming hall, at the office, doing some tasks which been related to HobiHobi (hobby search platform) sharing masks…” Sildam lists.

Patrick (right) during his trial period. Hi was part of “corona van” Team sharing face masks and corona info to citizens.

Purpose to this trainee period comes from YIBinSport project. Projects main goal is to advance youth with immigrant background possibilities for well-being, education, and employment through sport. This trial was part of this project and Patrick was perfect match for this. “I have been thinking that some day I could work in a field of sport. But firs I want to be professional athlete.”

Death diving competitions are organized also here in Finland. If you want to get noticed international, you must succeed in these national competitions. During this trial Sildam has been thinking circumstances for this sport. “We need more swimming halls and jumping towers. Also swimming shorts and taking speed need to be allowed. Maybe jumpers should have own training times” he thoughts. During summer training hours can be almost six to seven hours per day.

One of the goals for this project is also tighten up cross-sectoral collaboration between local stakeholders like municipalities, educational organizations, and sport clubs. Organizing these internships have also tightened up collaboration between Vantaa Sport services and educational organizations and some other stakeholders as well like employment services. From educational point of view, there is always need for good internship places and otherwise there is always lots of work tasks for good youngster in a field of sport. This opportunity can also be a good kick off to this young student and hi or she can get experience which inspired to study sport and after this become part of sport field. Even the situation is quite bad because this global pandemic we still should make these internships possible and show to young people what is it to work in a filed of sport. Also tighten up our networks to schools, local sport clubs etc. and make more and better cooperation to enable this kind of experiences to young people.